TANYA TESS в очередной раз подтвердила свой статус одного из лучших фотохудожников Европы и Мира! Новой ступенью успеха стало соглашение о регулярном сотрудничестве с одним из ведущих глянцевых журналов США специализирующемся на ART-NU фотографии - VOLO magazine!

Ниже приводим оригинальную статью о ТАНЕ ТЕСС опубликованную в эротичном американском глянце:

Tanya Tess is a mother, a model, a mirage…

This incredibly beautiful woman you see here (on the right) was named the hottest model in Ukraine by Playboy in 2013.
Tanya has been working as a fashion photographer since 2009 and has shot images for almost 25 print and online publications in Europe. She has shot celebrities and movie stars and of course a lot of nude images. Her work adorns many billboards, store signs and wall posters all over Europe today!

Tanya says:

"My experience as a photographer allows me to reach incredible artistic heights in my work while creating a picture frame. Experience as a model allows me to feel people deeply when shooting, and allows me to help them take their appearance, physical abilities and mood to the maximum that is required to create a true masterpiece".

VOLO magazine, USA