MANIC MAGAZINE from USA has published interview with a Ukrainian photo queen TANYA TESS

MANIC MAGAZINE from USA has published interview with a Ukrainian photo queen TANYA TESS.

Let see what think American glamour journalists about TESS:

the photo: TANYA TESS by Julia Skalozub                 




Finding one of the most popular photographers in Ukraine was not so difficult;

Tanya Tess is everywhere and her photographs are louder than words.

A model, a musician, a professional photographer and so much more,

Tanya finds inspiration in her relationship and does not have a problem with nude photography.

And why should she with a body like this?

MM: How did you become a photographer?

TT: You want know how hottest nude model Tanya Tess became a photographer? - Very simple:

I went around the other side of the camera looked through the viewfinder, and I liked it!

MM: What is the message you want to send with your photographs?

TT: All women are beautiful! Each of them has its own grace and elegance, charm and appeal! And the most important thing:

all this should be entrusted to my gentle and skillful hands of the photographer! As for the men, with them, I appeal to them during shooting tougher! What can I say ...

They like it!

MM: How would you describe your style?

TT:I have my own style! I combine incompatible!

I can and will put a chandelier on your head, but it will be nice and glamorous!

MM: Can you explain the difference between vulgarity and artistic vision in photography?

TT: Artistic photo - is in the intellectual work and professional approach!

And “tits” and “pussy” can be found anywhere on the Internet!

MM: Where do you find inspiration other than in visual arts ?

TT: In bed, with my beloved man!

MM: What are the advantages/disadvantages of digital photography?

TT: Oh, it's so hard! You don’t have to wait to develop the film, you don’t have to wait until the film is scanned! Etc. Just kidding of course! Digital photography - it's fast, it's quality, it's instant results on the screen! And film is good, but is if you have a lot of time!

MM: What motivates you to continue taking pictures?

TT: I am a creative person from head to toe! I love creating beautyl! And the beauty will save the world!

MM: What are some new things you would like to try in photography?

TT: I want to try to shoot people and be nude! Wait. I already tried this with the sexual musical group The Hysterical Glamour! I need to come up with something new!

MM: What is the most challenging part about being a photographer?

TT: The most difficult thing is that there are a lot of losers who bought reflex cameras and think that they are great photographers! I have to destroy them – and my weapon is quality and professional approach to work!