TANYA TESS become a trend-brand for celebs!

What need the modern PR agency for the creating an a glossy information bomb?

Of course the compilation of the glamour brands!

"Helenber" as Ukrainian fashion, "Stephen Webster" as British jewellery, "Alena Vinnitskaya" as East-European singer and, of course, "Tanya Tess" as Worldwide art-photographer!

Thats a right compilation for a right photoset!

Look in the best glamour magazines: the last trend of the spring photo-project ALENA VINNITSKAYA by TANYA TESS!

TANYA TESS nominated at «Outstanding Person of the World Awards»!

TANYA TESS proves the glory of the best Ukrainian art photographer!

TANYA is real master of photography: she was nominated at international premium «Outstanding Person of the World Awards»!

The judges admit professionalism and patriotism of TESS in photo business. They say that in photo TANYA is showing the incredible soul of Ukrainian woman. The models in the pictures are tragic and magnetic. Their sexuality shown in deep ethnic notes.

Congratulations to TANYA TESS with nomination «Achievements in the field of culture» of «Outstanding Person of the World Awards»!


TANYA TESS в очередной раз подтвердила свой статус одного из лучших фотохудожников Европы и Мира! Новой ступенью успеха стало соглашение о регулярном сотрудничестве с одним из ведущих глянцевых журналов США специализирующемся на ART-NU фотографии - VOLO magazine!

Ниже приводим оригинальную статью о ТАНЕ ТЕСС опубликованную в эротичном американском глянце:

Tanya Tess is a mother, a model, a mirage…

This incredibly beautiful woman you see here (on the right) was named the hottest model in Ukraine by Playboy in 2013.
Tanya has been working as a fashion photographer since 2009 and has shot images for almost 25 print and online publications in Europe. She has shot celebrities and movie stars and of course a lot of nude images. Her work adorns many billboards, store signs and wall posters all over Europe today!

Tanya says:

"My experience as a photographer allows me to reach incredible artistic heights in my work while creating a picture frame. Experience as a model allows me to feel people deeply when shooting, and allows me to help them take their appearance, physical abilities and mood to the maximum that is required to create a true masterpiece".

VOLO magazine, USA


Cнимки на которых красуется TANYA TESS стали победителями PLAYBOY PHOTO AWARDS!

После этого знакового события в жизни TESS изображения девушки тут же были опубликованы в PLAYBOY UKRAINE и

Участие в фотосессии в качесте постановщика, ретушера, колориста и модели дало поситине первоклассный, фантастический результат!

Факт того, что TANYA TESS побеждает в PLAYBOY PHOTO AWARDS благодаря многогранным талантам, в том числе и модельным, неоспоримо продтверждает статус девушки в качестве "Самого сексуального фотохудожника мира"!